Sunday, November 15, 2009

Orange and Grey Swap Party

We had a fantastic time at this party. Everyone wants to do it again. Since several of the women have develop a great new healthy lifestyle and we all needed a wardrobe overload, this was perfect way to get it done without spending any money.
I had a hard time going through the pictures choosing which ones to post because each picture reminded me of the great night we had and I want to continue to re-live that.
So, get ready for a lot of pictures!
Welcome Sign

Food and Beverage Display

Of course orange Jones soda's and glass orange water bottles(homegoods) brought the party colors to our drinks.

Cute little charms with grey ribbon were added to the wine glasses

I brought the orange and grey colors to the food display. Thank you to Amber of Chocolate and Mangos and Keisha of Cupcake Whishes and Birthday Dreams for giving me such great idea's on how I should use the orange and grey paper.

This was my first time wrapping cupcakes. I had wrappers on some and put flags on the other.

Can't have a party without party cones. These were petite cones. I'm not sure how much you can tell that via the picture.

Emesha had a great selection of food. Spinach and croissant puffs, crab balls, sandwich wraps, and salmon with a Jamaican pineapple glaze. Her mother made this amazing pound cake with an alcohol infused whipped cream. Everyone went crazy over it.

Swapping Stations

I got the idea for the bags from Christi at P is for Party. I thought this was a great inexpensive idea. I ordered the bags from They have an endless supply of shopping bags in every color you can imagine.

Emesha wanted to give each lady her signature Orange Martini. What more festive way to do this than in Shop til you drop Martini glasses. I found these at Homegoods. Each lady received one as part of their take home gifts.

They also received a clothes sachet, which smelled amazing. Found these at Homegoods also. They were in a box of 12 which made for an inexpensive favor.
We really had a great time and we all walked out with smiles on our faces and several bags. The rest of the left over clothes found a great home at the Owings Mills Goodwill.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Orange and Grey Swap Party

First use of the wonderful paper. The party is next week and I have done nothing. So not like me. I guess I'm still on vaction in Vegas(By the way I had a blast!)

Today I decided to use the paper that I found and bag up some orange M&M's I thought this was very cute. If you have any other thoughts on how I can use the paper, please share. I'm always looking for new ideas.

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