Friday, February 17, 2012

Rock Climbing Party Recap

Bailey's 6th Birthday Party went fantastic! He had a blast. I just received the pictures from Kory of BChase Photography and I had a hard time choosing which ones to show. So I narrowed it down to a small
Bailey requested a rock climbing Party. So I went on a hunt for the perfect location. Earth Treks in Columbia MD was perfect. You can see this by the smile on Bailey's face.

Let's start with the snack table. I stuck with the colors of grey, turquoise, yellow and black.  My glorious friend Heather made the climb high and number 6 cookies for me. I couldn't find any paper in the stores that I liked so I got this great idea to order sample wall paper. I used it to line the cookie platters and for the water bottles. The paper came from Walnut Wallpaper co. It was about 3 dollars and they gave me several pieces. 
I also ordered rope from Web Rigging Supply Store and used it to accent the table, the cotton candy baskets and the table signs. Everyone thought it was such a nice touch. 

The containers to hold the balloons were the same containers that I used last year at Bailey's super hero party. I just re-wrapped them and added rope and a carabiner clip purchased at Home Depot. The big yellow balloons were ordered from the Balloon Supply Store
The Rocks were purchased at Home Goods for 3.99. I used a Sharpie paint pen to write each kids name in yellow and Rock on in grey. The kids were so excited to get their personalized rock.

The Popcorn boxes were ordered from Oriental Trading. I just placed a sticker label that I made from the same graphic used on my son's invitation. I got the popcorn and cotton candy from Atlanta Concessions and Catering. They make sure that they deliver it on the exact date you want it so that it can be fresh and delicious. They also commit themselves to being Peanut Free. You can also choose the colors to match your party. For the cotton candy, I chose grey and yellow and for the Popcorn-Turquoise. I just added my own label and Voila!
For additional activities, I had the kids paint their own water bottle bags. The bags are from Oriental Trading and the Bottles are from Discount Mugs. The bottles had the same rock climbing clip art etched on. 

  Bailey's Cake was perfection. We got it from our go to place-Cakes Plus in Laurel MD
 My husband decided to challenge me in a race. Needless to say I will never let him live it down that....

 I WON!!!!!

 Bailey, my husband and I all wore personalized shirts with Rock On on the front and Bailey's 6th Birthday on the back. The shirts were ordered from spread shirt.

 Lastly, the gift bags were a big hit. I ordered them from Zazzle. They had everything related to rocks. Pop Rocks, Rock Candy, Airheads, compass, flash lights, rock star stickers and so on...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sneak Peek Rock Climbing Party-Part 2

Wow! This year went great. Bailey had so much fun and so did all of his friends. I can't wait to see the pictures from BChase Photography. I finally got smart this year and hired a photographer. I did manage to snap a few shots below. So Enjoy and stay tuned....

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