Thursday, June 18, 2009

Race Car Party

This was my sons 2nd Birthday Party. I figured since I shared Age 1 and 3, why not show 2. Bailey was really into the movie Cars, so I decided to create a custom race car party for him and a few of his racing buddies.
This was the inside of the invitations. They were rolled up and a toy race car was inside. The invitations were placed in red tin cans that I purchased from Michael's. On the outside of the can the label stated Bailey's 2nd Birthday. The parents and the kids were excited about these invitations. I wish that I would have taken a picture of the can, but of course I forgot.

Here is the Birthday Boy all dressed up and ready to race!

I got the 3D car from Shindigz, which is a great place for party props.

To begin, every child received a t-shirt that said "Bailey's 2nd Birthday".

I wanted the party to be a little of an adventure so I created different stations for the kids. This was in order for them to get their license to drive in the big race at the end of the party.

The first station was an eye test. This was a bean bag toss into a race car.

The next station was the Tags and Title Station where the kids created their own tags with foam letters and car applique's. The kids really enjoyed this creative station.

Following getting their tags, we needed to test their driving skills. The older kids had their driving test on the WII station and the smaller kids used the Smart Cycle Hot Wheels game. They all had a blast with this. After the driving test, I handed out pre-made drivers licences to each kid. In order to do this, I asked each parent to send me a head shot prior to the party.

After the kids had their driving test we knew it was time for a "Pit Stop". The kids needed to refuel with food in order to get ready for the big race. We had the eating area set up in a different room. Below are some of the decorations. I got the materials for the car centerpiece from awesome events.

Next was the big race. I made cars out of cardboard boxes and each kid had a helmet. Then we separated the kids into two teams. This portion of the party was a big hit for the bigger kids, the smaller kids were a little reluctant at first, but after they saw all the fun they made their way in the race.

Following the race, all of the kids received metals and then had race car cake. We got this cake from Sugar Bakers in Baltimore. It was really really good! The cupcakes came from Cakes Plus. Since we love both bakers we needed to share the love.

We then made sure that all of the kids took their Polaroid picture in the car. The pictures were placed in a photo car frame and given to each guest.

At the finish line were the favors. I uses race car helmets, turned them upside down and filled them with everything race car. A lot of the items came from Oriental Trading, but I found the perfect wooden race car with the #2 on it from the Target dollar section. They bring these back from time to time.

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