Sunday, July 19, 2009

Barbeque Baby Shower

The Barbeque baby shower is complete. My Friend Tamika was the hostess and it was a pleasure helping her out. The Parents the be, Jeff and Angela could not have been happier. It gave them the vintage feel that they so love without it screaming baby shower.
The parents to be did not want a traditional shower with games, baby decorations and a bow hat at the end. So this shower theme was perfect for them.
Below is the invitation that started it all. Of course as you all know, Microsoft word is my best friend and it didn't let me down this time. They wanted it as simple as possible and they loved them.

I'm not a cook, So thank God for Tamika's friends, Jonni, Jessica and Jennifer who came with enough food to feed an army. They had everything from baked beans to ambrosia salad. I developed the signs for the food to give it a detailed touch.

Jonni found these great food trays that were perfect for an inside Barbeque. These were a big hit!

Paula brought the fantastic burger cake from Cakes Plus. Unfortunately, the cake was ruined in the car on the way home from the Bakery. But her boyfriend (Pictured Below)was there to save the day and whipped up another burger cake. (By the way he had never baked before in his life. He just went on the Internet, got directions on how to make a burger cake and did it, Unbelievable).

Instead of Traditional baby shower games, Tamika knew that the Parents-to-be loved Karaoke. So this was our entertainment. Guess what, I of all people started it out! I dared anyone to take pictures.

Jessica had so many table clothes that worked perfect for the vintage barbeque. I loved everyone of them and used them all.

I have been saving these jars forever and knew that I would be able to use them one day. What a perfect solution to serving Lemonade. I just added a little ribbon.

Of course I had to put some indication that this was a baby shower somewhere. So what better decoration than the pregnant dress form in the middle of Gerber daisies, black eyed susan's and sunflowers.

For the favors, there were miniature picnic baskets with candy jelly beans to match the color of the party.

Below is the whole gang that made every aspect of this shower possible. I'm the short one third from the left.

All in all we all had a great time and the Guest of honors could not be more happy. Thank you Angela and Jeff for letting me be a part of this special memory


  1. what a fun shower! love all the red & white details!

  2. Very cute. I love the red and yellow together.

  3. What a fun shower! Great theme with lots of fun details. :)


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