Sunday, March 14, 2010

Women's Group

Despite the rain we received yesterday(nightmare when packing party items in your car), we had a fantastic time at our Women's Group. I loved coming up with all of the phrases for the food and clothing items. Some were a challenge as you will see, but I just went with it. The colors were Pink, Green, Black and White which the host love since part of those are her sorority colors. Enjoy the party!

I adored these Mousse Cups!

You know I had to throw HomeGoods in here somewhere :-)

Didn't get many pictures of the clothes. They seem to always go fast. This is the best way to build your wardrobe. I got some fantastic items!


  1. love all your signage-so fun & creative!!!

  2. That is just too cute. What a unique idea.

  3. This is really clever and I love the color combination.

  4. Seriously giggling over your signs! Cute idea! Also, love the little holders - where, oh where did you find?
    You know I'm a sucker for cute food presentation-love the chip cones9with tiny dips) and mousse cups!

  5. Thanks everyone, we had a blast!
    @Chris I got the sign holders from Southern Living at home. They are actually placecard holders to be used with Napkins but I decided to fill the hole with the paper that was used for the party. Thanks again for the kind words.

  6. This soooooo cute.
    I went to a party like this, they are so much fun. But with your clever signs and the color combo, it's even better. Too cute!

  7. Awesome job as always. I love your attention to detail!! You are so the signs!

    Maddycakes Muse

  8. This is a really cute idea! I love how you made acronyms out of those items. You're a superstar!


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