Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's time to get Married!

Remember the Summer Joy Bridal Shower that I told you I was doing for my bestee? (the inspiration board may jog your memory) I have been working on it diligently, well not so much. I decided to sit back & give business to some of the fabulous vendors on the web.

So my first vendor is Kelly of WH Hostess. I just sent her my inspiration board and she came up with these fabulous invites and other contrasting designs. I thought they were simply wonderful and wanted to immediately share with you.
Home Goods had the cutest hour(or 30 min) glasses that went great for the "Time to get Married" theme. Of course you know that was not the theme before, but it is now!


  1. I love the colors. Kelly's design is perfection!

  2. Fabulous invites indeed! Love the edgy pattern choices using your chosen colors!


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