Sunday, December 30, 2012

Office Baby Shower-Zoo Crew

We are having another Office Baby Shower. I really love to do these because I like to show that office parties can be fabulous too! I have previously done 2 office parties here and here and I recently did the office Christmas Party(unfortunately no pics). 

A co-worker that I have known for the pass seven years got married last year and is now expecting her first child. I couldn't think of a more deserving person to throw a shower for. This one is going to be a surprise because she would never let us do it any other way. 

So I have secretly found her registry to get some ideas of her style and what would be perfect for a shower. Below is her babies bedding-Zoo Crew by Just Born. I think that this is the most perfect simple theme and the colors are to die for.  Check it out below.

I love the minimalistic modern zoo theme. It really speaks to her personality as well. She is not a fussy person and pretty much stays to herself.
So of course I had to create an inspiration board as I did for the two previous showers. I love the thought of using Chevron in Navy blue and incorporating sparkly animals. I'm going to try to do this myself. Wish me luck!

     Tee Shirts-Fibber Tigibberish
Party Decor-Life of Tees
Chevron Elephant-Luna and Bean
Glitter Hippo and Giraffe-Wish Daisy
Burp Clothes-Day Dream Believers


  1. Can't wait to see what you create!

  2. I really like the unique modern zoo theme. I think that this is one of perfect simple theme for my baby and the colors are cool!

  3. My best friend just finished her bridal shower and we had some serious fun! Each and every one of us bought a customized scavenger hunt shrit and ‘Bridezilla’ had to mark off items off our shirts through the night… we entertained her with a great deal of drinks and everybody had lots of laughs. We found tons of amazing ideas on this site if you are seeking to save time…

  4. I really like the ideas! Cool. I dont know that you can throw baby shower at the office. I also find Lilybee a helpful site for those who are in need of baby shower supplies!


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