Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gone Fishing Surprise 40th Birthday Party

A Surprise Party is always a hassle to pull off, but my friend Colette and I did it ever so smoothly. Her husband was non-the-wiser and the day turned out perfect.  The theme was Gone Fishing. Colette's husband is a huge Bass Fishing fan. What better way to celebrate his 40th Birthday with one of his favorite pass times. I first went on a Pinterest Quest and then began planning for the party. Check out the Pinterest Board here.
The colors were Royal Blue, Yellow, Silver with an accent of White.
We used crab netting as perfect anchors for the centerpieces complete with blue lit up colored rocks and a beta fish. 
Enjoy the party pictures below. 

Picture Frames from Ikea with Fish Logo and the #40 and Famous Bass Lakes in the United States on front and Gone Fishing on the back

Centerpiece with Beta Fish added
The Centerpiece at night

The Barbecue Pit. 
These guys  from the Smoke Wagon were great. They brought the entire grill, food and all of the set up. They worked non stop to make the party a success. Great vendor for the Richmond area.  

The guest of honor's sister made him a great collage for the 40 years he was on this earth.  

This is the guest of honor coming in totally surprised. 

The Lovely Family

  The cake was from a local bakery in Fredricksburg and was fabulous.

The chocolate Fish Favors made by my favorite baker Heather of Sugar Fairy Celebrations

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