Monday, April 27, 2009

"My Winter Love" First Birthday

First Birthday's are always exciting for new parents. Some parents keep it small and some go very big. I thought about my son's birthday party from the moment he was born. I knew I wanted it to be unique and memorable. So I came up with the theme, "My Winter Love". Since my son was born in February and close to Valentines day, I incorporated these elements into the party. The favors were heart shaped cookie cutters that stated, "Please remember the sweetness and love of Bailey's first Birthday". Also, the guest filled mesh bags with red and blue candy from Bulk Foods and Elegant Sweets(the perfect lollipops). For Entertainment, I got a great Caricature Artist and the parents got to take home great pictures of their children. I wanted it to also be comfortable and fun for my son. This is why I followed these tips;

1) Keep it simple

2) If there are lots of babies...limit the entertainment. Clowns can be scary and a 1 year old won't be interested. Bringing some toys that is familiar to your baby is all they need. You may want some balloons or something for the babies to hold/play with, but remember that you have to be careful with balloons.

3) Cake; you can get a beautiful cake for $500 made-to-order or you can bake your own for about $30. A 1 yr old won't care and older kids LOVE to help out, so if you have an older child they could help out getting the cake ready.

4) Go for things like:dancing (dance & freeze game)pinata pass the parcel musical chairs (if there are lots of adults, get them to play too!). Also craft activities can be fun for the group.

5) Time: Plan the party at your child's best time of day. It's important not to put the party before your child's nap time, during or immediately after. This will cause a cranky birthday baby.

6) Food: if you plan a mid-afternoon party then just snacks are needed. chips, veg & dip, fresh fruit, pretzels etc.

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