Sunday, August 2, 2009

My 33rd All Women Birthday Party

So my birthday is coming up. Okay it's in a month, September 1st. But I am planning a birthday party because I haven't had one since I was 29. What better way to celebrate than with your closest friends. So I decided to do something a little different. I'm starting a women's group. There is nothing more uplifting and empowering than a group of women together. We can solve all world problems! (maybe not all)

Below I developed a color board for my 33rd Birthday Party. I love the colors of Red, Turquoise and Lime Green. I decided to take those colors one step further and add black and white. What fun! I can't wait to bring all of the colors together in the decor just as I brought them in my handmade invitations(as always giving just respect to Microsoft Word).

Red, Turquoise, and Lime Notepad Kit: Gartner Studios

Kids Guest Bedroom: Domino magazine, June/July 2008(no longer in production)

Tiered Cakes: Confetti Cakes

Green and Blue Dining Room: Things that Inspire Blogspot

Kitchen: Country Living

Turquoise and Red polka dot cake: Cakes by Victoria


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  2. Beautiful pictures for inspiration. This will be fun!


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