Sunday, September 13, 2009

All Women's Birthday Party

My 33rd Birthday/Women's Group Party turned out fantastic. I have shared all the festive pictures below. The ladies and I had a blast and it was a very relaxed and cheerful time, especially with all of the Wine and Sangria! I can't wait until the next group.

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The table sign on a cute blue dress form that I found at Marshall's. I just added a big red bow to tie in the colors.

This is the dessert table. I had cones in the the color of the party, 3 cake stands in black(found at Homegoods), the marshmallow pops which turned out much better after a little ribbon was added. The table cloth was from I love this place because there is no minimum and the shipping is 4.95. The colors always turn out great too. I also ordered a Turquoise table cloth as pictured later in this post.

All I can say here is Thank You Lisa from Personally You Parties. She posted a design idea from Martha Stewart for paper honeycombs. I would have never ever thought of using these because I thought they were so old school. Once I saw that post I knew I had to have it at my party. It turned out fantastic. Of course I looked everywhere on the Internet to find the combs in all the party colors with no success. Since this wasn't a huge party I didn't want to buy in bulk as Martha Stewart suggested. So I found a site that I was able to order without a minimum. Check here for Honeycombs. Pictured are the 12, 14 and 19 inch combs.

I was in love with my cake. I took inspiration from a cake found on the Real Simple Website. Of course I went to my favorite bakery, Cakes Plus in Laurel and they did a great job replicating the bottom layer of the cake. They added a "M" in fondant icing which gave it that personal touch.

Since it was three other Virgo's at the party. I got each of them a cupcake with a black and white candle and we sang happy birthday to them.

Well I wasn't going to put this picture up. But now the world can see how miserably I failed. Above are the infamous Red Velvet Cake balls. I just could not make it work. It was an all day adventure that turned out horrible. I'm not going into all the details, but it's much harder than I would have thought. If you want to see the correct way they should look and be made check out Bakerella site. Well enough on this back to happy times...

MMMM black and white cookies(of course store bought)...

...and mini brownies, always a crowd pleaser(store bought)

The completion of the paper cones turned out great. Once again I have to thank Chris from Celebration at Home for teaching my how to make them. I added ribbon and found these great embellishments from the dollar section of Micheal's. They just happen to have them in the colors of the party and great inspiration words for women. I love when I find items that are just so perfect!
I ordered the ceramic bottoms from Wholesale Flowers and Supplies as seen on Hostess with the Mostess. Check out her site on how to assemble using the ceramic vases. They worked great!

We did have other food at the party, but by the time that table was assembled, I had already had 2 glasses of wine, so I did not get the full pictures of that :-). Below is the beginning pictures of the 2nd food table to include my wrapped polka dot napkins that I just loved(Found at Target).

I made a big pitcher of Sangria that went along with all of the other bottles of wine that were brought by my guests. (Beverage Server purchased at Homegoods for 39.99!)Each lady had their own wine glass with an initial embellishment so they could keep track of them. Once again, I did not get pictures of those. (note to self, no wine before you take all of the pictures)
We had a great presentation from Heather (also a great friend) of Southern Living at Home and Tastefully Simple. I brought some great items that I can't wait to use at my next party.

To end the night I gave each women a Journal. Of course in the colors of the party(Found at Homegoods). I placed a big ribbon and each ladies initial to use as a bookmark(dollar section of Micheal's). They really appreciated this and was excited to start writing.


  1. Wow! You did a great job with this party! I love the colors and all the pretty patterns(of course you know me and my love for an animal print). Those honeycombs make quite an impact, too!

    Funny coincidence...I was just looking around this morning for the cake balls recipe. Found it on allrecipes with good tips from others who have made them.

  2. Wow very cute. I love the color combo

  3. This is sooo fun!! I love all the colors and patterns! Looks like you girls has a blast!

  4. Gorgeous! I love all the details. You did such a nice job with this party. I'm sure your guests loved it!

  5. lOVE, the cones and presents idea, very cool party!

  6. I love this! Now I gotta think of a good excuse to throw a party (=

  7. This turned out so beautiful! Great job - and I LOVE the color scheme - haven't seen it before - YOU GO GIRL!!!!

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  9. I love it!!!! The colors are awesome and I love all the prints you used in the paper cones and stuff. The $1 bin embellishments look like a million bucks! Black and white cookies...yummm!!!

    Found you at Celebrations at Home.

  10. What a spectacular party! I love it all. :) Those favor cones are amazing. I've yet to make some but really really want to. I love all your colors together. So nice.
    And thanks for the mention about the paper honeycombs. :) Glad I could inspire you.

    And now you've inspired me with this amazing party.
    Have a great day!

  11. Great party! Love the color scheme.

  12. Love the colorscape. And the cake is awesome!

  13. hello~
    i just wanted to let you know that i will be featuring your party on tuesday, march 16th :). thanks for your submission! wonderful party!


  14. Love this! I love a bold color palette! Also, that cake is SO GREAT!

  15. WOW! Beautiful party. I love the colors (not your typical girls night out party colors) and the cake. Everything looks great!


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