Monday, May 24, 2010

Sex in the City Bridal Shower

In honor of the The Sex in the City 2 Movie I am posting a fabulous bridal shower that was sent to me by one of my readers, Meagan. She has some terrific friends that gave her the best shower a girl could ask for. Check out the pictures below and the details in Meagan's own words. Enjoy!

The event began with a mystery text instructing the bride to go home and look in her closet. There she found a little black dress, hot pink accessories, and instructions to await her transportation that would arrive at 5:30pm.

At 5:30pm a taxi cab (how New York!) pulled up to take her to the shower destination, where she was met by her father, her future father-in-law, her brother, and her bridesmaids' fathers, who had been serving as valets for the evening.

From there, she was welcomed to the SATC-themed bash by her bridesmaids and their accommodating hubbies, who dressed in tuxedo tees and served food and drink at the party.

No SATC-related detail was left out:
  • Guests' stiletto'ed invite asked them to don the apparel of their favorite SATC character and a "costume contest" was later held, with the bride acting as judge.
  • Upon arrival, guests were instructed to select name tags indicating which SATC-character they most identified with: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda
  • Hot pink and black were the colors of the evening
  • Flirtinis and cosmopolitans were the signature cocktails of the evening, served in hot pink martini glasses
  • Table centerpieces were comprised of black feathers, hot pink hydrangeas, and "diamonds"
  • A pink-and-black New York City skyline cake was baked using the Magnolia Bakery recipe and was adorned with a Manolo Blahnik and pearl necklace
  • The Sex & the City Movie soundtrack was playing throughout the evening
  • Guests received copies of the Sex & the City Movie DVD as prizes for the night's various games
  • The bride received a SATC-themed gift from her bridesmaids, which included a gift bag for each character... each filled with character-appropriate lingerie (think conservative and classy for Charlotte; leopard print for Samantha)


  1. Lovely! I had a SATC bridal shower way back in 2004 before the movie was a phenomenon!

  2. Cute Party. The Centerpieces are fabulous. Love the Feathers


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