Monday, June 28, 2010

Purple and Silver Bridal Shower

As promised, here are the rest of the pictures from the Purple, Lavender and Silver Bridal Shower. The day was perfect! The location was the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Beautiful). This was one of the previous homes to our now President. The colors and atmosphere in the hotel worked perfectly as a backdrop for the shower.

I was only hired to complete the Dessert Buffet, but how could I not take pictures of the other decor which complimented the dessert table perfectly. Check it out!

The invitations were ordered by the Brides sister, Jennifer (not sure of the company). I just took a copy and used it to make the buffet cards. Below in the center is the invitation and my buffet cards. I think it was a great match!

The cupcakes worked perfectly with the buffet. These were ordered by Jennifer as well.

This was the table setting, absolutely stunning! Jennifer did a perfect combination of purples to make it look so elegant.

For the favor, Jennifer designed a cookie of her sister as a child, too cute!


  1. Beautiful shower, and your buffet is fantastic!

  2. Love the colors. So Pretty. Everything looked great!

  3. Such pretty colors, everything looks amazing!!

  4. Purple is my cousin's fave color! I'll mention this to her. She's been searching for ideas for her first bridal shower in Denver. We've already booked two areas for her receptions (one for her bridal shower and another for the wedding), but there still are a lot of things to prepare. All her friends will be there. We're all excited for her wedding! Are those pure white chocolates?


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