Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fleur de lis Bridal Shower

I love so many bloggers and there are several that I must read daily for inspiration. So when one of my favorite bloggers, Michelle from Maddycake Muse asked me to create her sister's bridal shower, I was floored. She is such a creative savvy person and just to think that she totally put her trust in me to make her sister's day special brought the biggest compliment and smile ever.

Unfortunately, Michelle and I received a shock when her sister announced that she was getting married in May. So the shower that I was planning and the wedding that Michelle was planning was no longer.

But who can deny true love! Read the story of Michelle's sister here.

Any who, Since the shower would have been yesterday and I loved the inspiration board that I created I thought I would share it with you. So enjoy!

Colors: Turquoise, Blush Pink and Gold Accents Venue: Church Hall on a Sunny Summer Day.
Decorations: Bouquets of fresh flowers (lilies& hydrangea and accents of crystals), colored water vases with floating candles and/or Pink Jeweled Vases of different sizes, Fleur de lis wall d├ęcor, White table clothes with Turquoise and/or Pink Satin overlays, accents of gold crystals.
Food: Catered lunch/dinner to include a chicken dish and a choice of two side items & salad or tiered trays of tea sandwiches & cold choice of sides, fruit display along with 2 fountains of Pink and Turquoises chocolate. Pink lemonade with lemon slices. Menu with a Fleur de lis emblem at each setting.
Favors: Guest fill personalized pink pastry boxes at a dessert table filled with petite fours, cupcakes, macaroons, cookies etc. (colors of the party)
Activities: Traditional and/or Unique Bridal Shower Games, Wishing tree where guest will write their best wishes to the bride to be.


  1. Great board...maybe someone else can use it one day! ;)

  2. You blog is so adorable! I love all the great stuff you have on here. Great job!

  3. Beautiful! Wish you were in Texas to do my debut fashion party!!!


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