Sunday, September 4, 2011

35th Birthday Party Recap

My 35th Birthday Celebration was great! My friends came down to DC to help me celebrate with laughter, joy and of course alcohol. We began the festivities and Embassy Suites in NW DC then moved the celebration over to the Park at 14th for a night of dancing.

My friends were surprised that there were still "Monique" decorations in the hotel room. They have come to expect anything from me. As I stated in the previous post. I wanted to spend as little as possible and reuse items from birthday's past.

The frame in with the Birthday sign is actually my cork board in my home office. I just added paper and ribbon with glue dots.

The only new items that were purchased were the flowers for the arrangement and the peacock feathers found at Michael's. My friends Emesha and Alex made all of the food items for me(we know I can't cook). It was delicious. We had rum cupcakes, rice and peas, steak skewers, crab balls and meatballs. My friends really support me and all of my craziness. But one thing they know for sure is that we will always have a fabulous time. Thanks girls and I look forward to next year in Atlantic City!

Notice the Peacock flower in my hair. I purchaed this at Artscape in Baltimore. The designer is Koleen of Design by night. Check out her etsy shop here


  1. Looks like so much fun-I love hanging out with my girls too! :)

  2. Once again you did a great job! Love the festive colors and the swirl design

  3. AWE! Looks like a fun time with the gals! I love the colors - YOU ALWAYS FIND THE BEST COLORS!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!


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