Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday To ME!

This year I decided to celebrate my birthday at the last min. I won some fabulous invites from Jess at Party Box Design by way of Celebrations at Home. Unfortunately, since I couldn't get my act together and waited too late, I decided that I would use my winnings from another party.
Below is the invitation (that I so love) in an inspiration board.

I'm still doing a party but I'm relocating it to a hotel room in DC to be followed by a night of dancing. I decided to do a little decorating as well with the goal of not buying anything new and reusing party goods from birthday past. View Here and Here.

Michelle of Maddycakes Muse did a cool thing on her birthday by telling bloggers 10 things they did not know about her. I thought this was great so I wanted to also share some things (5) you didn't know about me.

Here it goes:

1) I am a preachers kid. My father, however was very cool at letting me make my own decisions and encouraged me to grow in develop just how I wanted in life.

2) Though I love to party plan, I have another passion-Human Services. This is why I chose the profession of being a Probation Officer. I love this and would never leave and become a party planner full time.

3) I never crafted anything until I was 29

4) I commute to my full-time job everyday. A total of 3 hrs driving time

5) I thank God for introducing me into the party blogging world where I have made great connections and have been inspired deeply.

Credits: Shoes: Kate Spade Christa Peacock Satin(no longer available)

Candy Buffet: Amy Atlas

Invitation: Party Box Design


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